An integrated development framework for a web-based product line based on Eclipse.

Precise Requirement Integrated Changes (PRICES) consists of tools to support software product line engineering (SPLE). PRICES tools can be categorized into several groups, i.e., diagram editor, model transformation tools, product line back end, and product line front end. PricesIDE is an integration of PRICES tools in Eclipse IDE to develop a web-based software product line (SPL). The tools in PricesIDE are deployed as Eclipse plugins.

Environment Development

The following environments are required to develop a web-based product line with PricesIDE:
  1. Eclipse Modeling Tools (2020-12):
  2. Backend: Java 11
  3. Frontend: NodeJS 16.14
  4. PostgreSQL 11
  5. Eclipse Plugins (Install via Update Site):
    IFML Editor:
    Payrus UML Diagram Editor:
    Acceleo Model-to-text Transformator

PricesIDE Plugins

PricesIDE consists of several plugins to support web-based product line development. These plugins can be installed one by one to Eclipse Modeling Tools 2020-12:
  1. FeatureIDE-WinVMJ composer

    WinVMJ is a web framework based on Variability Modules for Java (VMJ). WinVMJ is integrated into FeatureIDE as a composer to generate a back end of web-based SPL.
    Please read this ReadMe to install and use the plugin.

    Update Site:
  2. UML to WinVMJ Generator

    PRICES uses UML diagram with UML-DOP Profile , called UML-DOP diagram, to model the problem domain. UML to WinVMJ generator is a plugin to generate VMJ (Java) source code with WinVMJ framework based on UML-DOP diagram. The result is a skeleton of Java code that follows VMJ architectural pattern and WinVMJ framework.

    Update Site:
  3. IFML to UI Generator

    Interactive Flow Modeling Language (IFML) diagram is used to model abstract user interface (UI) of a web-based SPL. IFML to UI generator is a plugin to generate JavaScript application based on IFML diagram. The design of IFML diagrams conforms to UML diagram and the generated JavaScript application is also conforms to the web backend (VMJ) application.

    Update Site:

Eclipse - PricesIDE

As an alternative, Eclipse Modeling Tools with all required PRICES-IDE plugins can be downloaded here.