3 Simple Steps for Powerful Prayer

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that humans use. It can be used for overcoming every obstacle in human life. However, people sometimes don’t understand how to pray. Is prayer mean begging? Does it make God your servant? Why must God answer your request? Did there some formula for prayer? From the book “The Secret Prayer”, there are 3 simple steps for powerful prayer.

Active Gratitude
Yes, before you request something, be grateful first for what you have. Joe Vitale, the writer of the book mentioned, told that if he just can teach one lesson for his entire life, he would teach gratitude. Gratitude is like a magnet. Once you clear the inside, the outer gets better, and you start to attract good things to your life. Gratitude also means to clean yourself from negative beliefs. Rather than complaining, you consider the good that exists in every moment.

Detached Request
What does that mean? You pray, requesting something, and detach your request? What a fool. No, it is not like that. The detached request means that you get aligned with God, not God aligned with you. There is a misconception that people had. They thought that praying means God is their servant. Praying simply puts your request with gratitude before and let God choose. Maybe God knows something better than what you request, so detached requests free yourself from the attachment of the result and lets God choose it. Sometimes people stress because they are attached to the result that they want. The detached request also means you put 100% TRUST to God, who knows what is better for you.

Inspired Action
From what you have done, this is the last step. Yes, of course, take action. Prayer doesn’t have any impact if you don’t act on what God inspired you for what you had prayed for. For example, you do a prayer to have a new phone. Suddenly, there is a pop-up notification from your Instagram about a writing competition that gift is an iPhone 11. That is God's inspiration to walk to your prayer request. But the decision is yours. The last step is very intriguing. Some people have done the first and second steps but failed at the last. Taking inspired action needs a strong consciousness. Maybe there is a God sign, but you don’t recognize it. Take action to whatever God pops up in your head. Would you take inspired action? The answer is yours.

Posted in Umum on Apr 15, 2020